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nordlys creative group

Who said education can’t be fun ?

SunnyFunnies first started out as an educational project for children in kindergartens. It aimed at engaging the young in learning through playful, interactive experiences.

From the beginning our goal was to provide fun, safe and professional education. Soon after the project gathered traction, the decision was made to bring it from educational institutions to families in a new medium of an app.

But it’s not just another app – responsibly crafted in collaboration with educational specialists, evaluated working together with children, it ensures that the child will spend time playing and learning engaged in an experience suitable for his or her age.

You can find out more about the educational value of SunnyFunnies here:

“Hide-and-Seek” (pdf)

“Umbrellas” (pdf)

Scientific consultants:

Prof. dr. Ona Monkevičienė and doc. dr. Kristina Stankevičienė