About us
nordlys creative group

Before we visit any place on earth, we usually already have our first interaction with our destination. Because if we were to travel responsibly we would first look at the map. We do this in order to gain vital information such as:

Where exactly is our destination? 

What other objects are in the area?

What is the surrounding environment like? 

And depending on the specific nature of our travel, we may even try to obtain even more information from the map: If we were tourists for example we would want to know where we could find a place to stay, eat and find as many exciting objects to visit.

So it is easy to see, how the map is an integral part of any journey. The map and it’s design have a major impact on how a potential visitor interacts with the environment and depending on the aesthetic of the map the visitor might prioritize his stay differently and even more importantly create a mental vision of the destination.

So opening the map is a crucial moment in the travel experience and we offer a solution. To create an aesthetically pleasing interactive map, that would create a positive and authentic mental image to the potential visitor.